Today’s topic: On-site oil Analysis

On-Site Oil Analysis

In cases where the time required to receive analysis results by shipping samples to a lab isn’t practical, there is the option of on-site testing. Through our relationship with Ametek / Spectro Scientific, Atlas Reliability provides several levels of on-site oil, grease and coolant testing equipment. 

With minimal training, plant reliability personnel can test viscosity, chemistry, particle count and even elemental analysis. Users receive detailed reports and interpretation through the TruVu360 program. The database stores the ongoing tests by asset for trending. The dashboard identifies issues with internal components or degradation of the lubricant. 

Internal testing offers a lower cost-per-test in cases where:

  • You are currently paying a significant amount for lab analysis. reducing expenses or justifying an expanded OCM program.
  • You require rapid results (Arriving shipments or for critical, non-redundant assets)
  • A mobile, route-based program for widely distributed, remote operations.


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