The Many Applications for Fluke Acoustic Imagers

ii910 Precision Imager
ii910 Used for Detection of Partial Discharge

Fluke Corporation’s new ii900 and ii910 ultrasonic imagers identify air leaks in compressed air systems. These leaks look harmless enough but over time they amount to significant expense in energy required to compress that air. In some cases, they can even be the difference in whether an additional compressor is required. As a result, identifying and repairing those leaks results in significant savings over time. These devices can even quantify the expense (or savings) for each leak by displaying the volume of air escaping in relation to energy usage.

Additionally, since first using the Fluke ii900 series devices, many other applications have come to light. These additional applications provide even greater savings while delivering significant safety benefits:

Specialty Gases:

Detecting compressed air leaks is a valuable capability. However, in the case of much more expensive and potentially hazardous gases, leaks represent even higher costs and safety threats.

Pressurized Steam:

Steam is costly to produce. The fuel to convert water to steam, the cost of water consumption and expensive chemical additives all add up. From a safety perspective, steam can obviously cause serious burns and invisible pinhole leaks can cut through flesh. The ii900 and ii910’s can both identify these costly dangerous leaks from a distance.


The ultrasonic imagers can identify leaks at pipeline pump stations, compressor stations, tank farms, pig launchers and receivers, manifolds, etc. As a result, issues with valves, couplings, tanks, and extreme pipe wall loss can be easily identified for repair.


In HVAC systems, poorly sealed ducts, plenums, dampers etc. cause wasted energy. These leaks can potentially form condensation that can cause water damage and toxic mold. They are also capable of identifying leaks in refrigerant or gas lines.

Electrical Partial Discharge:

Partial discharge is caused by defects in insulation or improper installation of high voltage conductors. The cause reliability issues and potential safety hazards. Particularly, the ii910 model can identify these invisible defects from a safe distance and quantify their severity.

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