Seven Fluke Acoustic Imagers Delivered

We delivered seven Fluke Acoustic Imagers to a specialty gas supplier to detect gas leaks. These user-friendly devices spot leaks in gases, air, steam, refrigerant, ductwork and even vacuum with minimal training.

Fluke 11900 and ii910 Acoustic Imager for Gas Leak Detection
Fluke ii900 and ii910 detect air and specialty gas leaks and corona discharge

These imagers detect leaks in compressed air systems to greatly reduce energy usage. However, an acoustic imager can rapidly pay for itself detecting typical compressed air leaks. Imagine the benefits when finding leaks of expensive gases. These gases are often potentially dangerous when unidentified.

ii910 Acoustic Imager
Fluke ii900 & ii910 Acoustic Imagers

Contact us for a demo of Fluke’s advanced acoustic imagers to discuss cost savings and safety benefits.

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