Wireless Condition Monitoring

Atlas Reliability is proud to partner with Nanoprecise Sci Corp to provide the state of the art in wireless condition monitoring systems. We are confident that the hardware, software and support are second to none.

Inductive / Capacitive Sensors

Nanoprecise has developed their patent pending ‘RotationLF’ solution that uses advanced data analytics to monitor machinery health and provide a ‘Remaining Time to Failure’ score. This offloads much of the monitoring and analysis role to the software, enabling plant personnel to focus their attention on specific equipment conditions and recommended remedies.

Rugged for Industrial Environments

The sensors are IP68 certified and batteries will last approximately 2 years depending upon frequency of data updates. The batteries are widely available, inexpensive and can be changed on location in minutes. 

Many monitoring technologies in one sensor

The Nanoprecise approach utilizes a single sensor that gathers vibration, ultrasound, RPM, magnetic flux and temperature. Humidity, WIFI signal strength and battery level are also gathered for sensor diagnostic purposes.

Combined Edge and Cloud Computing

Sensors are always processing data internally using edge processing. If an event is identified between scheduled uploads, an immediate dataset is sent to the cloud software and notifications to plant personnel are distributed as defined in the software.

Directly from Sensor to Cloud by WIFI or Cellular

Each sensor communicates directly with the cloud using the plant’s WIFI or cellular networks. Intermediate gateways and additional hardware are not required.

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