Nanoprecise System Catches Fault Using Magnetic Flux

Atlas Reliability, LLC is monitoring a Nanoprecise system installed at a cabinet making facility in Houston, TX. The linked white paper provides a detailed analysis of a fault detected by the monitoring system. The sensors on the water pump clearly identified reduced water flow due to a clogged filter. While there was a minor change in the pump’s vibration signature, that alone would not have identified the obstruction in pump flow. It was only through the use of Nanoprecise’s other sensing technologies (Ultrasound and Magnetic Flux) that the fault was discovered.

The above fault detection illustrates the ability of Atlas Reliability to identify problems using more that vibration. In fact, vibration alone would not have identified this potential failure mode. The Nanoprecise system’s wide array of sensors within one housing provides enhanced detection capabilities without the need for multiple sensor networks.

Nanoprecise Vibration Sensors
Nanoprecise System Data Flow

Atlas Reliability is proud to provide such a comprehensive condition monitoring system to our valued customers. Contact us for further information on Nanoprecise sensors and artificial intelligence capabilities and schedule a demo!

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