Another Nanoprecise System Installed

Atlas Reliability, LLC installed another 36 Nanoprecise wireless vibration sensors at a steel plant last week. These are the LTE model which individually communicates with local cell towers. They use E-SIM’s and Nanoprecise manages the data plan. These sensors are on HPU’s and a bridge crane with more assets to follow. Contact us to learn more about what Atlas Reliability, LLC can do to help you achieve your reliability goals.

Nanoprecise wireless sensors
Nanoprecise Workflow

The Nanoprecise wireless vibration sensors are always processing data using edge processing. If an event is detected between scheduled uploads, an immediate dataset is sent to the cloud for analysis. Plant personnel are notified of any alarms as defined in the software.

The Nanoprecise approach utilizes a single sensor design. It gathers vibration, ultrasound, RPM, magnetic flux and temperature. Humidity, WIFI signal strength and battery level in one sensor.

Nanoprecise has developed their patent pending ‘RotationLF’ solution. It uses advanced data analytics to monitor machinery health and provide a ‘Remaining Time to Failure’ score. This reduces the need for plant personnel to monitor and analyze sensor data. This enables plant personnel to remain focused on their primary responsibilities.

Nanoprecise wireless sensors
Nanoprecise vibration wireless sensors

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