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Nanoprecise System Catches Fault Using Magnetic Flux

Atlas Reliability, LLC is monitoring a Nanoprecise system installed at a cabinet making facility in Houston, TX. The linked white paper provides a detailed analysis of a fault detected by the monitoring system. The sensors on the water pump clearly identified reduced water flow due to a clogged filter. While there was a minor change

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Case Study: Nanoprecise System’s Performance on the Northwestern

The attached case study describes how the Atlas Reliability Nanoprecise system identified two problems aboard the Northwestern. The first anomaly was an under-lubricated bearing. The sensor’s acoustic emission capability made this detection possible. The second fault was an imbalance on the drive end of the reduction gearbox. The crew and Atlas personnel received notification from

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Atlas Reliability Conducts Leak Surveys with the Fluke ii910

Atlas Reliability conducted several surveys using the Fluke ii910. We can identify a particular type of leak ranging from steam, compressed air, refrigerant, and even vacuum. These leaks are easily identifiable using the ii910. Atlas Reliability sells and rents the ii910’s, and as seen above we perform surveys. You will have a report in hand before

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Another Nanoprecise System Installed

Atlas Reliability, LLC installed another 36 Nanoprecise wireless vibration sensors at a steel plant last week. These are the LTE model which individually communicates with local cell towers. They use E-SIM’s and Nanoprecise manages the data plan. These sensors are on HPU’s and a bridge crane with more assets to follow. Contact us to learn more about what Atlas

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The Many Applications for Fluke Acoustic Imagers

Fluke Corporation’s new ii900 and ii910 ultrasonic imagers identify air leaks in compressed air systems. These leaks look harmless enough but over time they amount to significant expense in energy required to compress that air. In some cases, they can even be the difference in whether an additional compressor is required. As a result, identifying

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The Case for Desiccant Breathers

The question is not “Why should I install desiccant breathers on my hydraulic reservoirs?” Instead, the question should be “Why are there not desiccant breathers installed on my hydraulic reservoirs?” The case for desiccant breathers: Desiccant breathers protect one of your most valuable assets – hydraulic fluid. They keep your hydraulic fluid dry and clean

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