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Atlas Co-Sponsors CLS / MLA / MLT Training in Houston – April 25th – 29th

Some key features that set this training apart from other in-person and virtual training courses: Michael Holloway of 5th Order Industry will conduct the training Half-day at MRT where students perform hands-on testing on samples of their own that they bring to training On Tuesday, Atlas Reliability will provide lunch and hands-on training on the

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Day 3: Managed Lab Oil Analysis Services

Traditional lab oil analysis provides a solid foundation for a comprehensive oil condition monitoring program. Oil analysis lab results provide a window into the health of internal components and ensure the lubricant is fit for purpose. Oil change intervals can be extended if the viscosity, additives and contaminants are within spec. A basic oil analysis program more than

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First of a 5 Day Series on lubricant Management

Atlas Reliability offers a comprehensive suite of oil analysis programs, tools and training. Lubricant management is the lowest hanging fruit on the reliability spectrum. It’s OK to start small when implementing a reliability program and incrementally build upon your successes. A comprehensive oil analysis program is a great place to start.  These tools and services

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The Final Post for the Week: Inline Oil Quality Sensors

Inline sensors provide immediate information on oil quality by being plumbed directly into the equipment’s lubrication system.As with most evolving technologies, these sensors get increasingly smaller, cheaper and provide a greater range and accuracy of data year on year. An inline sensor can provide immediate alerts to plant personnel in the event of high temperature,

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Today’s topic: On-site oil Analysis

In cases where the time required to receive analysis results by shipping samples to a lab isn’t practical, there is the option of on-site testing. Through our relationship with Ametek / Spectro Scientific, Atlas Reliability provides several levels of on-site oil, grease and coolant testing equipment.  With minimal training, plant reliability personnel can test viscosity, chemistry, particle

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Day 2 of Atlas Reliability’s Series on Lubricant Analysis

Start with clean lubricants. Don’t take for granted that the new oil arriving at your facility and stored in your lube room is clean. The dirtiest oil in most plants is in the storage tank. New oil has changed hands numerous times and been transferred from multiple tanks and vehicles before it arrives at your

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