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Atlas Reliability, LLC takes pride in the products it offers. We have assembled the best products on the market to complete the job right the first time. This line of products includes everything from wireless condition monitoring solutions to shop consumables and tools that your teams use for every job, all from one place…Atlas Reliability, LLC.

Our products ensure that maintenance teams are equipped with the tools and knowledge to be successful in meeting their reliability goals.

Atlas Reliability is a proud supplier of Fluke’s full line of reliability and electrical tools.

ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager

  • Quick and easy partial discharge detection and PD testing
  • Reduce outages and increase uptime
  • Cut costs and save energy everyday by finding and fixing PD
  • PDQ Mode to capture and analyze partial discharge

Ti480 Pro Infrared Camera

  • Increased sensitivity to visualize temperature differences
  • Easier to visualize and diagnose issues with sharper onscreen images
  • More intuitive visual interface, improved, user-tested, touch screen interface
  • Reduce outages and increase uptime

830/BT Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

  • Easy to use tool for precision alignment of rotating shafts
  • Features single laser measurement technology to reduce errors from backlash and enhance accuracy
  • Provides an intuitive, guided user interface to quickly and easily complete machine alignments

OilSafe Bulk Storage Systems

  • A dedicated Pump and Filter per Tank to prevent cross contamination of lubricants and ensure maximum cleanliness
  • Built-in Spill Containment for EPA SPC Compliance
  • Delivered pre-assembled with a detailed owner’s manual including installation instructions
  • Fully welded and powder coated structural steel frame 
  • Flame Resistant Fire Suppression Hose Assemblies – MSHA-CFR30 rated
  • 12 Gauge Aluminum Tanks available in OilSafe’s 10 standard colors and 4 sizes – 30, 65, 120 and 240 gallons

Guardian Desiccant Breathers

Guardian breathers set the standard for contamination control. They have state-of-the-art features that reduce particulate and moisture contamination, keeping your equipment and fluids lasting longer. The innovative breathers integrate check valve technology to significantly reduce maintenance costs.


  • Air Filters
  • Vacuum/Pressure Gauge
  • Washdown Cap
  • Check Valve

Sight Glasses

Sight Glasses withstand harsh environments, including extreme temperatures and a variety of industrial fluids.

This glass is up to four times stronger than other acrylic sight glasses; it is shatterproof, stain-proof and chemically resistant.

Sample oil from the same location within the sump every time for consistent oil condition analysis. 

Clearly see lubricant level and color. Corrosion and metal filings indicators also available

SpectroScientific® offers a wide range of benchtop and mobile lubricant analysis equipment.

MiniLab Series Analyzer

Lab quality oil analyzers.

On-site oil analysis delivers rapid results with immediate decision
making to:
• Lower operating costs • Reduce unscheduled downtime • Increase machine availability
• Extend equipment life
• Decrease total lifecycle equipment costs
• Provide immediate re-test capability

Battery Powered Oil Analyzers

Spectro Scientific offers a wide range of portable devices with field simplicity and lab accuracy. The product combinations are powerful for different applications as together they provide more comprehensive analysis of oil condition, contamination and machine wear condition. All Spectro portable devices are battery powered, use small amounts of oil, and do not require solvents or chemicals to clean. They are light weight and ideal for field use.

TruVu 360™ Enterprise Fluid Intelligence

TruVu 360™ Enterprise Fluid Intelligence simplifies and streamlines the on-site oil analysis process, so high-quality information and actionable intelligence leads to effective decision making.

  • Closes the gap between recommendations on the oil analysis report, maintenance actions taken and findings for continuous improvement
  • Offers an intelligence dashboard so management has visibility into the effectiveness of the global program

OnTrak SmartLube

Prescriptive Bearing Monitoring With Precision Lubrication From Anywhere, Anytime.

Ultraprobe 15,000

Use on-board spectrum analysis, record, take pictures, take temperature readings all with one touch!

Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy

Manage your lubrication program with the Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy Pro and reduce bearing failure.

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