Day 3: Managed Lab Oil Analysis Services

Day 3: Managed Lab Oil Analysis Services

Oil Analysis Pays for Itself in a Condition Monitoring Program

Traditional lab oil analysis provides a solid foundation for a comprehensive oil condition monitoring program. Oil analysis lab results provide a window into the health of internal components and ensure the lubricant is fit for purpose. Oil change intervals can be extended if the viscosity, additives and contaminants are within spec. A basic oil analysis program more than pays for itself with savings on oil consumption and reduction in downtime, repairs or replacement cost. 

Atlas Reliability provides managed oil analysis programs specific to your requirements. We will prescribe the correct test package unique to your equipment. Our managed programs provide pre-labeled sample bottles, sampling pumps and shipping boxes. We coordinate with our partnered oil analysis lab to ensure they provide actionable recommendations through their web dashboard. Notifications are sent in the event of a failed analysis result requiring urgent attention. 

Atlas Reliability provides training of plant personnel on properly gathering oil samples and interpreting analysis reports. This training can be one-day sessions on site with hands on sampling and basic analysis. On the other end of the spectrum, we provide 4-day training followed by an exam. These exams can provide certification in CLS, MLA, MLT or MLE.

Contact us to learn more about starting a cost-effective oil analysis program and schedule training that suits your specific needs. 

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