Day 2 of Atlas Reliability’s Series on Lubricant Analysis

Start with clean lubricants. Don’t take for granted that the new oil arriving at your facility and stored in your lube room is clean. The dirtiest oil in most plants is in the storage tank. New oil has changed hands numerous times and been transferred from multiple tanks and vehicles before it arrives at your facility. It is then placed in a tank that may never have been cleaned or filtered. Are your storage tanks free of dirty rags and tools? Are they protected from the elements with desiccant breathers and washdown caps? Do you have a dedicated lube storage area? If the answers to any or all of these questions is “no”, you are not alone. The good news is, these can be easily resolved. Atlas provides lubricant storage and filtering solutions from Oil Safe. Additionally, we provide their color coded storage, dispensing and fill ports/grease fittings to ensure machinery is filled with the correct lubricant.

Atlas Reliability Oil Storage, Filtering and Dispensing
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