Atlas Co-Sponsors CLS / MLA / MLT Training in Houston – April 25th – 29th

Atlas Reliability, LLC is a co-sponsor of CLS (Certified Lubrication Specialist), MLA (Machine Lubrication Analyst) and MLT (Machine Lubrication Technician). This is a four day course with a certification exam on the 5th day.

Some key features that set this training apart from other in-person and virtual training courses:

  • Michael Holloway of 5th Order Industry will conduct the training
  • Half-day at MRT where students perform hands-on testing on samples of their own that they bring to training
  • On Tuesday, Atlas Reliability will provide lunch and hands-on training on the use of Ametek / Spectro Scientific’s on-site MiniLab

Training will be held at Envibe‘s new, state-of-the-art training facility in Houston from April 25th to the 28th with the exam offered on Friday, the 29th. The class outline is as follows:

Day 1
Lubrication Fundamentals
Lubricant Manufacturing
Lubrication Programs
Storage, Handling and Application of Lubricants

Day 2
Maintenance Strategies (Atlas Reliability)
Bearings, Gears, Hydraulics
MiniLab Demonstration and Application (Atlas Reliability)

Day 3
Lubrication Selection and Chemistry
Solvents and Cleaners

Day 4 (Held at MRT Labs)
Condition Monitoring
Lubricant Analysis
Data Interpretation
Problem Solving

Day 5

Register here to reserve your seats. Attendance is limited to 15 students. See you in April!

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