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Atlas Reliability is your one source for Turn-key reliability programs

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Atlas Reliability, LLC is a turn-key maintenance and reliability provider located in Houston, Texas. We have 40 combined years of experience designing and implementing reliability programs. Our partners are comprised of world class product manufacturers on the cutting edge of the most current technologies available to the reliability discipline. Our vibration and condition monitoring tools are all specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the maintenance and reliability fields.

Our focus is to enable clients to become self-sufficient in establishing maintenance and reliability programs tailored specifically to their plants’ unique requirements. From concept and design of the reliability strategy through implementation and tracking program KPI’s, we ensure our customers have the tools and information required to achieve their reliability goals.

Atlas Reliability, LLC is here to support your needs to achieve world class maintenance and reliability programs. We strive to meet our client’s needs and reach their goals of being a more efficient and productive through effective maintenance and reliability programs. Whether it is a single tool to fulfill your program needs, or the need for a full consulted program integration, Atlas Reliability will be there to meet your needs.

Atlas Reliability’s Consulting Services can ensure your programs meet world class standards. Our expert team can guide you through the process, and even draft program documentation for implementation into your management systems. We offer onsite facilitation services to ensure that key team members are included in the creation of maintenance and reliability initiatives. Our products and services are geared towards meeting the demands of today’s marketplace and keep up with cutting edge technology. We are able to build programs and systems that meet the needs of virtually any industry.

Our team has implemented maintenance and reliability programs all over the world. We pride ourselves on being agile and able to adapt to the needs of the client.

Our Company

Atlas Reliability, LLC is located in Sugar Land, TX just outside of Houston. We opened our doors in March of 2019. Atlas Reliability is focused on giving our customers the tools they need to be self-sufficient in establishing, maintaining and optimizing their maintenance and reliability programs. We have a different approach to servicing our manufacturing customers. We do not focus on one single condition monitoring technology. We instead leverage all of the latest technologies available to the industrial market and leverage only those that are effective in each situation. We are a turn-key reliability company with experience in the full suite of condition monitoring technologies.

Our Team

We founded Atlas Reliability, LLC in March of 2019. With over 50 years of Maintenance and Reliability experience.

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